Four three-meter showcases and a scaffold of pallets to connect them. This is what the installation looks like. The visitor can expect the darkness in the hall and a sound collage that sounds him with noises and tones that sound like they come from an underwater world. Two students, Frank Balve and Nico Kiese, use the historical auditorium as an exhibition space and want to set an example: art is made here during the academy year. Frank Balve finds it important that artists who are currently in the production flow can also exhibit their works.
Her project in the historical auditorium of the Academy of Fine Arts is multimedia, with the original backdrop to Frank Balve’s film “Aschetaucher” in a showcase; the others contain variations on the film. One box shows the film on 24 televisions, each in its own rhythm; when the film is at a standstill, the picture is put together. In another, the picture is turned upside down, the movements are slowed down, different perspectives are superimposed. In the third box, only shadows or outlines can be seen.
The film shows naked people moving in a room. The scenery contains a conglomeration of old objects: a collection of clouds in bulbous glasses, a pool of artificial eyelashes and fingernails behind glass, and a cabinet built by the students themselves with integrated screens. Every detail has its own history. For the undressed extras, the shoot was certainly not a walk in the park. The situation should also create a certain feeling in them. Frank Balve describes the recording process: “The people were shot at with sound and light for two or three hours and had five or six corner positions that they were supposed to make and in between they could act freely”.
They are trapped; in their nakedness and purity at the mercy of the situation, they must expose themselves to the circumstances. Man and space meet here, the artist plays with perception and perspective. The viewer’s eye tries to repair what is not immediately apparent to him.


Trench for colors?

What do you want reason?

Lost for days, therefore deeper than the animal

The clothes corpses swim like ashes divers

When stones bleach, they vote “Masons’ Escape.”

The crowd is raving about Old Gifts

Prints solutions on milky flags

irresistibly held around with the mouth

now the sweet rust tears all brittle lips sore

Covers and presents it

Crumpled and collaged like

Cuddly and smoothed

Embedded in letters

Patched delusion heavily camouflaged with meaning

Cheering splits the herd up

Sweat breaks on Lights up

now she raves quietly “for death was foreseen”