There is an object in the people’s center, which bears the title skeletal (boat) and quotes the form of a wooden rescue boat from the early 20th century. The clear contours are broken by the “chaos” of the glossy white tile mosaic – a material that has a firm place in Balve’s œuvre. The crossbars of the benches are so close together that no one can sit on them. They form a clean grid, which gives slits here and there.

The bow points towards the wall. Here are 18 white canvases wi- thout title (wind). Their symmetrical arrangement creates a feverish tension with the arbitrarily attached tile mosaic of the “boat”. Where a romantic glimmer of hope or a clarification of the situation on the horizon would be expected, a few empties of absolute emptiness spread over the canvases. The white images exude a calm, comforting fascination and have left the realization of the failure of Caspar David Friedrichs ice.

The scenery is dominated by a noise whose source is the video in- stallation ring 3. In the continuous loop, a foamy and almost slimy spray of combs is presented, which greedily flush the beach. Due to the altered sound of the sea, nature plays an irritating taste, since the unity of what is seen and heard is blown.