In Menschenleer stands an object in the centre that bears the title Gerippe (boat) and quotes the shape of a wooden lifeboat from the early 20th century. The crossbeams of the benches are so close together that no one can sit on them anymore. They form a clean grid that reveals slits here and there.

The bow points towards the wall. Here hang 18 canvases “Untitled (Wind)”, finished with paper pulp. Their symmetrical arrangement creates a feverish tension with the boat. Where a romanticizing glimmer of hope or a clarification of the situation on the horizon could be expected, absolute emptiness pours over the canvases, except for a few structures. The white pictures exert a calm, comforting fascination and have left behind the visualization of the failure of Caspar David Friedrich’s Arctic Ocean.

The scenery is accompanied by a noise, the source of which is the video installation Ring 3. In a permanent loop, a foamy and almost slimy spray is presented on wave combs that greedily wash around the beach. The altered sound of the sea gives the natural spectacle an irritating aftertaste, as the unity of what is seen and heard is blown up.