Ohne Titel (Wind)

In Menschenleer an object stands in the centre which carries the title Gerippe (Boot). It has the shape of a wooden lifeboat from the early 20th century. The wooden beams of the benches are placed so tightly together that no one could find a place to sit on them. They form a neat grid which reveals small in various places.
The bow points towards the wall, which displays 18 canvases that have been processed with paper cellulose “One Titel (Wind)”. Their symmetrical arrangement creates a feverish tension with the boat. Where we should expect to find a romantic glimpse of hope or a clarification of the situation on the horizon we are instead confronted with images of complete emptiness – apart from the few textures that can be seen. The white images fascinate the viewer with their soft, comforting effect – it is as if they have overcome the visualisation of failure found in Caspar David Friedrichs “Eismeer”. 
The video installation “Ring 3” completes the scene with its purling sound effects. It presents the loop of a foaming, almost slimy spray of waves which voraciously washes over the sandy beach. A certain irritation mixes in the viewer due to the distorted sound of the ocean, which in turn destroys the unity of image and sound within the experience of the piece.