The spatial installation by Frank Balve and Nico Kiese is dedicated to the wide-ranging theme of advertising, which serves the targeted as well as the indirect influenced people for mostly commercial purposes.
The two artists create an installation in the rooms of the St. Mark’s Church in Munich that takes up aspects of common advertising mechanisms and immerses the church space in a different light. With the obvious contrasts of the church space and through emotional as well as informative messages, advertising responds to conscious and unconscious needs or creates new ones.
The most important element of advertising is suggestion the information itself moves more and more into the background or even completely disappears. Suggestion bypasses as far as possible the conscious level of perception and directly addresses the unconscious.
People make over 70% of their decisions not rationally, but – based on emotions – unconsciously. Therefore, advertising makes use of associations, drives, desires, weaknesses and fears that slumber in people’s subconscious.

The result is an incessant bombardment by advertising and marketing, probably the largest single psychological project ever undertaken.