The Hide

The work is a large-scale media installation composed of two sculptural elements, one of which is a free-floating barrel consisting of 30 equal-sized TVs. These are linearly arranged in groups of three around the barrel, like the windows of a slot machine. Dis- played are rotating gambling symbols (lemon, melon, the number 7, etc.) and staccato light passages. The wheel is 2 x 2 meters. The second element is a doll, situated in a corner on the floor. Its color matches that of the wheel. The doll is 1.80 x 0.60 meters. The sculptures and statues are accompanied by a sound installation. This sound collage consists of gaming operation sounds from casinos. The subject of gambling is the starting point for the sound installation. The theme of the art class exhibition is Native Americans. Frank Balve explores the aspect of gambling and its effect on operators and visitors (addiction). An additional topic he addresses is the veneer of society and diversion of historical facts. Frank Balve